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Spoilery picture from set

Eric Eric Eric

Rod Lurie, director of Straw Dogs, visited the True Blood set and had a picture taken with Alexander Skarsgard.  ASkars state as Eric in the photo is spoilery, so it is below the Read more.

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Poolside in Orange Beach Al. It was a great day.


Article on Alex

I just found this article.  Some of you may have already seen it. I thought it was cute and he is very humble.


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Russell Edgington, entrepreneur?

Eric Eric Eric

Today is the day that season 5 DVDs are scheduled to arrive in the US (mine is on its way, woohoo!) and Entertainment Weekly has posted a snippet of Russell Edgington speaking about what he he’d like to do with Sookie Stackhouse and her fairy blood. And it isn’t just drinkin’ her up like a sunshine shake…

Read the story and check out the video here!


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For Writers: Teaching Patience to the Muse


We’ve all had it, that idea that comes in a rush. It can knock you for a mental loop. Cause you to stare off in the distance at inopportune times. (Hopefully, we’re not driving when it happens.) Sometimes, it’s so distracting that even others will notice. And if they know you’re a writer, they’ll ask:

“You just got an idea for a book, didn’t you?”

And you will respond (sometimes in a strangled, high-pitched voice usually reserved for Bieber fans): “YES!”

A million times, yes. The muse has struck you. It is incandescent. Soul-shaking. And in that moment, you will be convinced that the idea is so perfect, so original, so breathtakingly magnificent, your first instinct will be…

“I’ve got to write this all down rightnowbeforeitdisappears!”

Hold your quill, Shakespeare.

Today, I want to talk a little about how valuable it can be to do something a lot of writers…

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The Curse of Eric Northman – a Theory for Review


Like many of you – no doubt – I’ve been reading up on all the hoopla surrounding the leak of Dead Ever After, hereafter referred to as DEA.  I won’t go into the actual spoiler.  I won’t even go into what I think about the ending that Charlaine Harris chose for her most famous character.  Nope.  I want to discover why so many people are so very upset.  Like everything in history, there is no one clear-cut answer.  It’s multi-layered, like parfait.  So bear with me and by all means comment below if you agree or disagree with my theory.  Be nice – no bashing!  (Unless you’re bashing Bill Compton.  That’s okay.)

The Birth of a Character

Eric Northman was introduced to the Southern Vampire Mysteries in Book 1 of the series: Dead Until Dark.  The book was first published on May 1, 2001.  For argument’s sake let’s pretend that…

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