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TB Season 6 Episode 1 – Who Are You Really – *My Thoughts*

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True Blood S6 Ep1

Alright, alright, alright… I’m not ashamed to admit that I watched the episode three times last night because I almost always miss something the first time around. I watched it three times because… well… reasons. Reasons that will be discussed below the cut so as not to spoil anyone outside the U.S. that hasn’t seen the episode, or even anyone inside the U.S. that hasn’t seen it yet.


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SkarsPorn Sunday

Kelpie's Korner

And here’s taken two of your SkarsPorn fix, fellow junkies!

As we all know, True Blood season 6 is premiering tonight…yay!!!!!! And sadly I don’t actually have hobo so I can’t watch the live show beforehand and I have to wait until tomorrow to watch the episode. But still I bring you…








My ovaries aching with all the adorkable feels!!!!

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Pre-travel Stuff and Ramblings (Oh, and maybe the prologue for the new book…)


A few quick things.

15e62bae42d8ec4638b9e6dc635d36e91. BLOGGING Remember how I switched from posting on the Elemental Mysteries Facebook page (if you’re a FB person) to the more general Elizabeth Hunter page? I’m going to try to do that with blogging, too. I’m doing a lot more than just the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World stuff now (and will continue to do more in the future), so this is the most practical thing for me.

I don’t want to get rid of I’ll still be posting extra fiction and maybe some serial fiction over there in the future, but if you want to keep track of what’s happening with writing overall, PLEASE subscribe to this blog, not the other. It’s just too crazy to try to continue to cross-post on both. will continue to remain a fan site for Elemental World fans, featuring things specific to that series like…

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Fic Rec – Mine Is A Four Letter Word by Sleepy Lotus

Great story

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Hello all!

EricIzMine FanFiction

tumblr_mb1iox9v6L1qk4jbqo1_400_zps0b616451At the risk of jinxing myself, I’ve had a pretty productive couple of weeks and I’m still making headway on other chapters (some more than others, of course).

So since my last post, I’ve added six new chapter for your reading enjoyment. There are a few place-holder pages mixed in for upcoming chapters. And I’ve updated the Casting and SceneArt pages. There are a few new faces in Intrepid, so you might want to check those out.


In other news: For those of you who aren’t interested in joining the BratPack, I’ve started an EricIzMine page on Facebook where I’ve been uploading links to relevant references. It’s independent of the BratPack, and you don’t have to provide any information about yourself to join. Just ‘Like’ it.  Nor will it flood your news feed with posts. 😀

And for those of you who like using Facebook, like the 498…

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War At Heart : Chapter 40

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I blame Gabrielle Blue

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

for:  The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Summer rain brings together two people who can’t stop thinking about each other. No names, no contacts, no way to find each other. ..  How will they ever reunite?


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I always liked rainbows.

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