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Kjwrit Fanfiction

‘Cause I’m at work and I should be doing worker things. But it’s their fault for not blocking access to WordPress, like they did with FFN years ago.

Really. What are they thinking?

Anyway, when you read the next chapter you might be thinking WTF? Just try to keep in mind how new all of this is to Sookie. She’s literally in another world and maybe everything isn’t what she expected – no matter how much she studied up on it – so she’s feeling a little like this:


Also, her mindset is still a bit skewed. Some of you referred to how strong she seems, but – like in life – things aren’t always what they seem. More about her past will be revealed in future chapters, but when reading her thoughts, try to consider how she was raised and what she’s been told. She knows no different.


And Eric has…

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South Mississippi schizophrenic weather.

Fridays high was 33. We had snow flurries in South MS. Today it was 64. Tomorrow 27 snow/sleet/ice. Saturday 70. Our weather is schizophrenic. We don’t have to work tomorrow. Snow/sleet and ice is an event in our neck of the woods. LOL Stay warm.

Here is a taste of our weather today. I’m glad we only get this in small doses.

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SkarsPorn Sunday

Kelpie's Korner

Okay, here’s another helping of uber sexy deliciousness!









Any just because I found this and do I think it’s so hilarious…


Have a great week lovelies!

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The third story in the “Gift Horse” Series

Great story.

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Offshore Au revoir

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Bon Jovi has top tour of 2013

Global News

NEW YORK – Bon Jovi not only has the year’s top tour, but the rock band has achieved a career high.

The New Jersey-based act’s worldwide tour grossed $259.5 million this year, topping Pollstar’s annual top 20 list and setting a record for the band itself.

Beyonce is second with $188.6 million. She ended her tour last week in Brooklyn, N.Y. Pink, Justin Bieber, and Bruce Springsteen round out the top five.

Bieber’s Believe tour grossed an estimated $169 million.

Montreal-based Cirque du Soleil ranked No. 7 for the year with its Michael Jackson: The Immortal tour, which earned $133.4 million, and No. 20 with its Corteo show, which made $61.7 million.

The global concert business scored a record year with the top 20 tours, earning $2.43 billion in primary ticket sales. It generated $1.96 billion last year.

The top 20 list also included Taylor Swift, Elton John, Rihanna, Depeche…

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Bon Jovi @ Etihad Stadium Melbourne (with Kid Rock) – 7 Dec ’13

A Higher Revelation

Getting things started with a dose of country blues from Kid Rock with Rock Bottom Blues was an opening to an incredulously self-indulgent commencement to an evening of entertainment, and with tunes like ‘You Never met a MF quite like me’ there was no hiding from the brazenness of claims.

There may have been warnings for parents to block their kids’ ears at the outset of ‘Forty’, but after all that had happened it was probably a little late for that. Regardless of widespread appeal, there was universal laughter shared with the line of, “Bruce Springsteen is f***** 63 and the Stones are almost dead.” Can’t really disagree with the truth!

A short stint of hitting the decks as DJ was soon replaced with the sounds of a revival and then the strange projections of an image of Nelson Mandela on screen during Born Free that made it appear as…

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Bon Jovi tops worldwide tour list for 2013

Fine Joe Young's Blog


Bon Jovi had the biggest tour of 2013 according to leading tour website Pollstar, taking in over $60 million more than second place Beyonce.
Bon Jovi’s Because We Can world tour grossed $259.5 million playing 102 shows in 97 different cities well ahead of Beyonce who took in $188.6 million in 108 shows in 77 cities. Third was P!nk with $170.6 million.
Bon Jovi also far outsold all other artists in number of actual tickets sold with 2,657,502. Their closest competition was Justin Bieber with 1,868,188.
The Rolling Stones led in average gross per show with $9,195,722. Paul McCartney was second with “only” $5,159,091. The Stones also led in the more dubious honor of highest ticket price at $287.89 with McCartney again second at $136.93.

The top five and all other veteran artists on the list.

•01. Bon Jovi ($259.5 million)
•02. Beyonce ($188.6 million)
•03. P!nk ($170.6 million)

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