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True Blood Rant: The Problem With Sookie


"Guess I'll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me...again." “Guess I’ll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me…again.”

I beg your forgiveness, Collectors. I’ve been remiss in my updates on the final season of True Blood. We bloggers took a break, and then there was GISHWHES, but, truthfully, I’ve found myself without things to say about the middle episodes of the seventh season.

Not so anymore.

The finale approaches, and while I had hoped to see one of my favorite shows be efficiently and logically wrapped up in precise and poignant writing, it seems that it’s not meant to be. This is not to say, however, that there are not things that I like about this season. I love that LaFayette has a new love interest. I like the references to story lines in earlier seasons that were never wrapped up, like Jason’s issues with Hoyt or Jessica’s binge-eating of Andy’s fairy daughters. There are some…

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True Blood Series Finale – Thank You [For the Emotional Trauma?]

I agree. It was about the relationship between Sookie and Eric that was developed and sadly destroyed by the writers. Keep writing the characters that we love.

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And now…

Kjwrit Fanfiction

Back to our regularly scheduled programing:




And because even while grocery shopping my peripheral vision is on the lookout for this man…



The Venefica & The Vampire – Chapter 10 – Ridiculous

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:Morning After – Love as Drabbles

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So Much Wow!

Great stories about twins. Kelpies contest.

Kelpie's Korner

Okay so I posted the contest entries yesterday around 3ish in the afternoon. And since then—–just wow.

Not only have there been 88 votes already, but yesterday I had a record number of views on the blog (1289!!!). So thank you everyone for all your participation and help!

Here’s another plug, because these 3 mystery writers deserve it-go read these 3 awesome stories and leave your votes so we know who won!

Meet My Brother
More Than Meets the Eye
Never Changing Who I Am

And here’s some sexiness to make this whole post worth your time…

And, while I appreciate constructive criticism (truly I do), if you send me an email that you have to put effort in to make anonymous only to bitch at me about not doing things the way someone else does…well….yeah. I’m only human. There’s a reason I’m running my contest the way I am-hello…

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